Declaration on the use of cookies

We hereby inform you, in accordance with Section 89 of Act No. 127/2005 Coll. on Electronic Communications, that our website uses the so-called cookies, small files containing data that will be stored in your browser by our servers to collect data about your settings and preferences to ensure the proper functioning of our website.

Cookies and their benefits

Just like most other websites, our website uses cookies that enable us to provide our visitors with the best experience during their visit on our website.  

Cookies are small files created by a server and automatically stored in a computer or a mobile device. These files contain information about the settings of a website on a distant server and are used primarily to remember the options selected by the user.

What are cookies useful for

  • Thanks to cookies, our website works the way visitors expect it to
  • Cookies remember your settings from one visit to the next
  • They ensure that marketing events are targeted effectively
  • They ensure better security and speed of the website
  • They allow users to share the website on social networks
  • Cookies allow us to continuously improve our website and services for you

What are cookies not used for

  • Collection of any personal information (without your express agreement)
  • Collection of any sensitive data (without your express agreement)
  • Provision of personal information to third parties


More information about the cookies we use can be found below.


The types of cookies we use

From the viewpoint of validity of files, our website uses two basic types of cookies:


Long-term cookies the so-called “persistent” cookies that stay stored in your browser until their expiry date or until you remove them (the validity period for storage of cookies in your device depends on the cookies and also on your browser settings).

Short-term cookies the so-called “session” cookies that are used by your browser only temporarily until the browser is closed.


From the viewpoint of function, our website uses the following types of cookies:


Essential cookies – these files are important for the very function of the core of our website.

Analytical cookies – these files help us better understand the needs of our customers and improve their participation in our website.

Conversion cookies – these files allow us to analyse the performance of individual sales channels.

Tracking cookies - these files in combination with conversion cookies help us analyse the performance of individual sales channels. This means lower advertising costs and the possibility to offer our products at the lowest possible price.

Remarketing cookies – they help us better target online advertisement and personalize its content. The advertisements you see on the Internet offer the products that really interest you.


Some cookies may collect information that are subsequently used by third parties (the so-called “third party cookies”). These cookies are operated by third parties and we do not have access for reading or writing the data. It is not possible to identify an individual user, you, from this information.


Consent to the use of cookies

The majority of browsers accept cookies automatically unless specified otherwise in its settings. By using this website, you provide your consent to the storage of cookies.

You can limit or block the use of cookies in the settings of your web browser. For information about settings for each specific browser click on the following links:

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For mobile devices:


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