These privacy protection rules (hereinafter only as the “Rules”) specify which personal information is collected or created (processed). These Rules specify the types of personal information we collect when you use our Website and Applications, and also the manner in which your personal information is used, shared and protected.  Here you will also find an explanation of options that are available to you regarding your personal information and the ways you can contact us.


We will always ask your consent in advance before collecting certain personal information. This personal information includes:

  • Your contact details including your name, email, phone number, shipping and billing address
  • Login details for your account, including the name you use on the Internet, your password and your unique user ID
  • Your personal details such as gender, place of residence, date of birth and purchase history
  • Payment information or credit card information
  • Pictures, photos and videos
  • Personal settings (preferences) including your settings for the area of marketing and use of cookies

Other personal information is collected to allow us to provide certain functions (features) on our Website, Applications or our services. 

  • Information about social networks, including details about identity/login details and any other information contained in your public posts regarding your company or your communication with us

When interacting with our Website and Applications, information is automatically collected and shared with our company through technological platforms that facilitate the given experience.  Your internet browser or mobile device can, for example, share certain information with our company during communication of these devices with our Website or Applications. Such information includes:

  • Device identification numbers, network access
  • Cookies, IP addresses, link header, data identifying your web browser and its version, and also web “beacons and tags”


When you use our Applications, we inform you about the fact that we collect and use your information, within the standard permits in App stores, mobile device operation systems and within the experience with the Application.  We also ask for your consent whenever necessary.

In many cases, your web browser or mobile device platform gives our further tools allowing you to manage when your browser or device collects or shares specific types of information.  Your mobile device or web browser may e.g. offer tools allowing you to manage the use of cookies or sharing of location information.  We recommend that you familiarize yourself with these tools offered by your device.


Personal information collected about you is used for the following purposes:

For the operation of our business and for the continuous improvement of our business, products and services

Information provided by you can be used for business purposes.  For example, when you purchase a product or service, we can use such information for accounting or audit purposes or for further internal processing.  Or we can use information about the way you use our products and services for improving your user experience and for identification (diagnostics) of any technical problems or problems with provision of the service and for management of our Website and Applications.

For protection of our rights, property and security and for protection of rights, property and safety of other persons

Information about the ways you use our Website or Applications can also be used for prevention or identification of fraud, misuse, illegal use or breach of our Terms and Conditions and also to comply with regulations of courts and state authorities or with conditions laid down in applicable legislation.

For the purposes of general research and analysis

Information about the way our visitors use our Website, Applications or Services is used to enhance our understanding of customer behaviour and preferences.  For example, information about the channels through which visitors find our Website and the ways they search for products and services can be used to improve our understanding about the best way of organizing and presenting our products.


with companies related to our company for the aforementioned purposes.

with third parties – providers of services for personal information processing on behalf of our company, e.g. for payment processing and credit card /agendas/, sending and delivery, management and service of our data, distribution of electronic messages, research and analysis, brand management and product promotions, and also for the purposes of administration of certain services and functionalities (features).

with other parties within the scope necessary for: (i) observance/compliance with requests from state authorities, court orders or with other relevant legal regulations; (ii) prevention of illegal use of our Website or Applications or of breach of Terms and Conditions of our Website and Applications and our Rules; (iii) for defence against claims from third parties; and (iv) for prevention of fraud and support during fraud investigation (e.g. counterfeit).

Personal information that we have in relation to you can also be transferred if a part or the whole of our business or business property is sold (including cases of reorganization, spin-off, dissolution or liquidation). 

Your sharing

When using certain functionalities (features) for social networking on our Website or Applications, you can create a public profile containing information such as your internet name, profile picture, town where you live. 

Retention of your information: We retain your information for the period necessary to fulfil the purposes for which the information was collected, unless specified otherwise by relevant legal regulations. 

Your rights associated with your personal information: You have the right to withdraw your consent regarding use of your personal information. You also have the right to request: (i) access to your information, (ii) their correction if the information held by us is incorrect or inaccurate, or (iii) change or deletion of your personal information.  You also have the right to object to processing of your personal information based on significant and legitimate reasons associated with your specific situation/specific position.  In cases where we obtained your consent to process your personal information, you have the right to withdraw such consent at any time.  You also have the right to object to processing of your personal information including the option to refuse their use for direct marketing.

When you are using our Website, our company can receive and store information from your browser that can include personal information.  We use various methods for collection of such information, such as e.g. cookies or pixel tags; these information may include your (i) IP address; (ii) unique identification that uses “cookies”, information about cookies and about whether your device has the software required for access to certain functions (features); (iii) unique identification of your device and type of device; (iv) domain, type of browser and language; (v) type of operating system and its settings; (vi) state and time zone; (vi) the websites you previously visited; (viii) information about your actions on our Website, such as clicks, purchases or selected preferences; and (ix) time of access and reference address URL.

Through our Website, information may also be collected by third parties using the so-called cookies, plug-ins and widgets of third parties.  Such third parties may collect information directly from your web browser and their processing is governed by the third parties’ own privacy protection rules. 

We use cookies and pixel tags to monitor how our customers use our Website and to understand the preferences of our customers (e.g. the selection of state and language).  This allows us to provide services to our customers and continue to improve their online experience.  Cookies and pixel tags are also used to collect comprehensive data about website traffic and communication, to identify trends and acquire statistical data with the aim of further improvement of our Website.  Our Website uses, in general, three types of cookies:

Functional: These cookies are required for basic functions of the website and are therefore always switched on; this includes cookies that remember you while browsing through our Website during one visit, or – if you prefer – during every visit.  They allow users to put products into a shopping cart and go through the payment process. They are also used to ensure security and to comply with the requirements of legal regulations.

Improving function: These cookies help us monitor how our Website is used and by this they allow us to continue improving the functionality.  In some cases, cookies facilitate faster response to your requirements and allow us to remember your choices for the given pages.  Refusal to accept these cookies could lead to inaccurate recommendations and the website may respond more slowly.

Social media and advertisement: Cookies for social media offer the option of connecting you with social networks and sharing content from our Website.  Cookies for advertisement (third party cookies) collect information that help customize advertisements to your interests, on our Website and outside.  In some cases, these cookies also process your personal information.  Refusal of these cookies may lead to display of advertisements that are not relevant to you, or to not being able to connect with your account on Facebook, Twitter or other social networks, or to inability to share content on social media.

You always have the option of changing your preferences through settings in your browser. For more information visit our page about cookies.

Legal regulations and our procedures change with time.  Should we decide to update our Rules, information about the changes will be published on our Website and Applications.  If, however, there are significant changes in the way we process personal information, we will notify you in advance, and in cases where required by law, we will ask your consent before such changes are implemented.  We strongly recommend that you read our Rules thoroughly and regular check for any changes.